6th Grade PLUM


PLUM is an annual tradition at Pine Lane for 6th grade students and their teachers.  Its purpose is threefold.  First, it reinforces environmental science units taught at Pine Lane by supplementing the Geology and Environmental Science standards which we teach in the Douglas County Schools.  Second, it provides students with the opportunity to learn “life” skills such as the confidence to meet new challenges and living more independently.  Third, the time together with their classmates and teachers develops trust and cooperation which, in turn, builds a stronger “community of learners” when everyone returns to Pine Lane.

Stone Canyon Outdoor Edventures - During our Outdoor Education program, we strive to transform how students experience learning and education. The students at Stone Canyon receive outstanding instruction in an engaging environment, opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone, and unique experiences to foster social and emotional growth.  

The Stone Canyon Instructor team provides the majority of the instruction and facilitation to visiting students over the course of their trip. Our highly trained and enthusiastic staff will utilize a wide variety of teaching techniques to make each learning opportunity memorable, while taking every precaution to maintain the physical and emotional safety of each camper. 


Fund Raising Opportunities

NOTE:  If you think you will need assistance with your students PLUM Payment, you need to participate in all fundraising activities.

King Soopers Card

WE hope you are using your King Soopers Loyalty Card and have registered Pine Lane Elementary to make purchases to help with your students PLUM Payments

  • Link your King Soopers card to Pine Lane Elementary
  • What do you need to do to get credit for those King Soopers PLUM Payments? 
    • EASY!  Just TAKE a Screen Shot of your Community Rewards page which shows your ‘Last Quarter Donation’, and fill out this form and attach the screen shot.
  • Detail Information can be found here

The 4Q KS Processing window for purchases made 10/1 – 12/30 is now OPEN!

  • Monday April 27th - Wednesday April 29th
  • TOTAL COST: $270.00 
  • Payments can be made through myschoolbucks.com beginning Oct. 25th 2019
  • Payments need to be completed by April 1st 2020 (I will work with families that are utilizing King Sooper Rewards.
  • NOTE:  If you think you will need assistance with your students PLUM Payment, you need to participate in all fundraising activities.


  • Register Here
  • All registration needs to be completed online and must be completed by March 1st 2019
  • If you need a computer to register, you may visit any public library, or come by our office and we can assist you.


  • March 1st – Online Registration completed
  • April 1st – If your student requires medication all forms need to be brought into the office.
  • April 1st – Payment in Full has been completed
  • April 14th – All medications non – prescription and prescription need turned into the office.




For students to be able to take any Medication both Prescription and over-the-counter you must submit a Provider Medication Authorization Form that is signed by your Doctor and yourself.


  • Medication will NOT be administered on the trip if the appropriate signed Provider Medication Authorization form is not received for ALL medications. Consult your school nurse or health assistant with questions.
  • All medications (prescription & over-the-counter) must be in their original containers. It should include your child’s name, the dosage and directions for administration clearly written on the label.
  • All prescription medications must have a prescription label with your child’s name. This includes inhalers.
  • Ensure there is enough medication, for the entire trip. Additional dosages are recommended for unforeseen situations