Communication Sent to Families

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PLE Crew, 

Last spring, we tore into our north building to replace our roof, soffit and fascia on the sides of the building, update HVAC, fire, and security systems, and several other cosmetic updates inside the building.  We also planted five mobiles and a restroom trailer in the west field to help us navigate this 1st quarter of the school year.  This has presented many unique challenges and adventures that our Crew has navigated with amazing perseverance.  I hope that if your child has been out in our “Mobile City,” they look on this time fondly and come away with stories to tell for a lifetime.  I know I have a few. 

I am excited to relay to you that our construction is on schedule. We will be back in the north building after fall break.  Due to this, I need you all to be aware of a few logistics for your planning purposes.  Please mark your calendars and make the necessary arrangements as this transition back into the building will impact the days that your child is at school.  Also, note that we do have sufficient instructional minutes built into our schedule to meet the state requirements.  We will not have to add any additional days to our academic school year. 

  • October 15th - No kindergarten through 6th-grade students (All staff will be working to pack up the mobile classrooms.)
  • October 25th - No kindergarten through 6th-grade students (All staff will be working to unpack and prepare North Campus for school on October 26th) 
  • Pre-school will have school on October 25th
  • BASE is available for your childcare needs on 10/15 and 10/25 (Here is the link to BASE’s website)
  • For Pine Lane Students (not staff) Fall break will be from October 15th through October 25th.  
  • The second quarter of school will start on October 26th.

Again, I want to thank you all for your support through this process and for your support of the bond that passed in 2018 that has made these much needed improvements possible.  If you are curious about the progress on the building, you can view some pictures in this folder: Construction Pictures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 




Chris Stairs